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As a business partner to your organization Hein&Nielsen Sprl. offers a range of services with focus on;

  • Change Management Process

  • HR Strategy Design and Organisational Development.

  • Management and Leadership Capacity Building.

  • Staff and Stakeholder Engagement.

  • Strategic and Innovative Business Development.

All of our services are customized to fit the needs of the organization that we are partnering with, and we have a core competence in strategic programming co-created with the client to ensure a high quality development of the partner organization.

Our services operates in three key areas: Consultancy, Coaching and Training


All our consultancy are 100% customized the needs and purposes for your organisational development and we aim to contextualize your core business as part of the solution.

Our work with you as a partner is highly based on participatory and engaging approach to secure that your as a partner have ownership of the process and your objectives and measures are met.

We offer a specific experience within the areas of;

  • Strategy development - horizontal and vertical

  • HR Optimization of organisational potential

  • Systemic change management process

  • Corporate identity and ownership

  • Cultural development in the organization

  • Staff and stakeholder engagement

   ...if it is about them - do not do it without them...


We work directly with you and your colleagues as coaches with focus on your process and the challenges and opportunities that you are facing.

Our coaching is related to your work situation and position in the organization and can be either one-to-one coaching or as group coaching.

We experience that coaching often is the most effective solution when it comes to issues such as;

  • Management development

  • Building leadership capacity

  • Conflict resolution

  • Career development.

   ...let´s stop playing office and be humans at work instead...


We are offering two types of training.


  1. A training 100% customized to the needs of the your management or staff.

  2. A conceptual training that addresses generic orga-nisational needs and that meet the diversity of context of the participants.


Below you will find examples of conceptual trainings that also can be total customized to fit needs and context of your organization.

  • Art of Hosting & Harvesting/Participatory Leadership

  • Flow Game - Personal Leadership Journey

  • Navigating in Change and Complexity

  • Meetings with Meaning - Meaning with Meetings

  • The Collective Intelligent Organization

  • The Power of Innovation and Co-creation

See more and download the above topics as on-line resources.

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