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Hein&Nielsen Sprl. is a resource and business partner in service of your need in HR, Leadership Development & Organisational Change.


We operate on the private and public markets understanding the importance of the organization continuously being in progress and constant development as the world of users, customers, competitors and society around the organization changes and tranforms. 

We want your organization at all time to be ready to act with impact on the market and in society having a positive and sustainable growth, To do so it is imperative that the organization is nurturing agility, innovation and collaboration by building leadership capacity and supporting a organizational culture that rapidly can adjust to change and complexity and be in the forefront of development.



Jan Hein Nielsen

Partner, Managing Director &
Senior Consultant

Jan has been working in the field of systemic organisational change and development since 1995 in positions of both middle and senior manangement and as consultant and coach.

Since the beginning, he was inspired by the potential in leaders engaging and empowering staff and stakeholders in co-creating collaborative and innovative solutions. He has made it a core competence to implement participatory governance and leadership in organisational development and as a capacity for people of all levels in the organisations and communities to integrate and practice.


Jan is one of the co-founders of "The Art of Hosting/Participatory Leadership" and "The Flow Game" and is the author of the book, "Idea Development – from head to hands".

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Thine Holm Jensen

Thine has been working with organisational development, corporate communications and leadership in close to 20 years, first as employee then leader and since as consultant.

She has a natural ability to see opportuneties and create coherency for both organisation and employees at strategical, tactical and operational levels, especially working cross-functional and multi cultural. She is a bridge builder between people, proces and strategy.

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Senior Consultant

AL Romanet.jpg
Anne-Laure Romanet

Anne-Laure spent the first half of her career working in the international corporate world. She became fascinated by the subject of collaboration on how to create conditions where people would thrive while activities would flourish.


This experience lead her to do a career switch and to start working with organizations wanting to grow a participatory culture to overcome complexity, to rethink their governance towards more horizontality and participation, and last but not least to integrate positive social impact in their activities.


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Process Consultant

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