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Hein&Nielsen Sprl. is offering services to a wide range of organizations in a partnership, and our clients are to be identified in a diversity of businesses.


With more than 25 years of experience it is our understanding that the clients that seek partnership with us all have a solution oriented approach to the challenges and opportunities they are facing in the market and society.

In the partnership with our clients we realize that they are choosing to work with us due to our capacity to design the customized solutions they exactly need.


Focus for these solution are often areas as; Change Management processes, HR Development, Management and Leadership Capacity Building, Staff and Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic and Innovative Business Design. See more on our services.


International Financial Institution

Context of project 

The bank is one of the market leaders in the country, and differ from the competitors in having a strong sense of identity as being close to its costumers and being entrepreneurial and innovative.

Purpose of project 

  • To shift the mental paradigm in leadership and management from prescriptive strategy thinking into emergent strategy thinking.

  • To implement new ways of leadership and training methods based on participatory methodologies and a systemic approach.

  • To increase employees work satisfaction and thereby their work quality and innovative culture.

Activities in project 

  • Internal seminars in various departments in the organization with focus on Work Satisfaction.

  • Whole-scale change process in a major financial branch with the scope of coming up with new innovative solutions to improve work satisfaction and work quality.

  • Training program for internal consultants with the purpose of implement new training methods based on participatory methodologies.

  • Leadership training programs for middle management with focus on implementing new ways of leadership and management based on participatory leadership.


Outcome of project

The project has highly supported their leadership paradigm of value based leadership and the large-scale change program the organization have gone through. Today the bank is one of the most innovative corporate companies remaining one of the leaders in their field of business.

Presented with approval from client

International Food Company

Context of project

The company is a market leader within its specific business area and have experienced a natural growth the past many year.

Purpose of project

  • To explore and agree on the shared challenges there were facing.

  • To build capacity within leadership, and renew the management model for the company gaining more efficient leadership.

  • To develop and sustain a professional modality of communication in the organisation.

Activities in project

  • A group coached meeting to identify challenges and take ownership of the issues leading the challenges.

  • Capacity building of directors and management. For board of directors to find and integrate a professional model of governance, and for senior management to find and integrate a model of efficient management.

  • Workshop for board of directors and senior management exploring and agreeing on a shared understanding of professional communication and furthermore developing a set of practices integrating and sustaining communication in the organisation.

  • Professional coaching on the first five meetings between board of directors and senior management supporting the new model of governance/management and the agreed modality of communication.

Outcome of project

A more autonomous directors/management group working more efficiently leading to an increased positive work environment and higher work satisfaction.

Presented with approval from client

National Public Administration

Context of project

The public administration is one of the largest in the country and the organization needed to renew its staff policy with specific focus on new staff and management roles aligned with their core business and their future strategy.

Purpose of project

  • To revise the former staff policy and surface ideas and internal projects of practice of the staff policy.

  • To explore renewed roles of staff and management.

  • To align staff policy and new roles with core business and future strategy.

Activities in project

  • The process included broad engagement of all management and representatives of all staff in the organization. They were organized in representative groups of both staff and managers throughout the project.

  • In the first “Dialogue Day I” the staff policy and new roles were explored and outlined for the representing groups to integrate into their work before “Dialogue Day II”

  • All representative groups were working on the new staff policy and new roles revising the result for a shared staff policy and clarity of roles.

  • In the second “Dialogue Day II” staff policy and roles were agreed upon, and further practices and steps were planned ready for implementation from March 2016.

Outcome of project

The organization now have a staff policy including definition of new roles of staff and managers that is being implemented with a wide scope of ownership from all employees in the organization.


Presented with approval from client


Jyske Bank - DK

European Commission - BE


Apple Denmark - DK


Croatia Telekom - HR

Novo Nordisk - DK

Aarhus Municipality - DK

European Security and Markets - FR

Wittrup Seafood - DK

Ministry of Taxation - DK

VIA University College - DK

Helsingborg Municipality - SE

British Council - UK

Comittee of Regions - BE


Business of Social Responsibility - US

JuicePlus+ - US

Danish Refugee Council - DK


ImpactHub - NL


GrapePeople - RU


Forum Alpbach - AT



European Asylum Support Office - MT

Kufunda - ZIM

KaosPilots - DK

Kantor Management - GR


College of Europe - BE


Interlagos - BR

Glostrup Municipality - DK

Ministry of Industry - DK

Microsoft - HR

Otava Opisto - FI

ARLA Foods - DK



Facilitation Forum Russia - RU

European Council - BE

Inducta - HR

...and many more since 1995.

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