Hein&Nielsen Sprl. is offering a number of opportunities to participate in various workshops and trainings. You will find an updated list below.

Another resource are the tools, models and papers offered by the company - all is to inspire and support you - see all resources available.


Latest Resources - see all resources available.

Meeting with Meaning

How do make sure all our meetings are meaningful and give impact?

Navigating in Change and Complexity

How can we ensure an orientationpoint and set out a course for navigation in an changing and complex environment?

Participatory Leadership in Organisational Change

How can participatory leadership be a constructive approach in processes of organisational change?

Follow-up on a participatory process

How do we ensure a qualitative level of engagement and involvement in the post-process of a participatory facilitated process?

Stakeholder Engagement Matrix

When to benefit the most of participatory leadership in a stakeholder engagement process?

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